Support Packages as low as $45.00hr – Alicom’s Remote IT Support Services

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Offer is good from June 1st through July 7th, 2015. *New clients only


ALICOM provides Outsourced IT support for your company. No matter if you are a small company or large government agency, we are here to support you! We offer 24 hours a day/7 days a week support of all of your systems, hardware and software. We will help to leverage on-site and remote support so that your organization experiences the 360 degrees of support services ALICOM offers. Not only will we help you cut costs, but also boost performance of your company. Contact us for MORE INFORMATION….
15 Minute response times
Online Ticket Support Portal
Work in public and private sectors
…and Much More

MANAGED IT SUPPORT and SOLUTIONS – ALICOM offers comprehensive IT support solutions for your IT environment, enabling the diagnosis and mitigation of problems as soon as possible, so that the flow of business is not interrupted. We offer a single point of contact for all of your IT management needs with simplified support services that will provide increased environment availability, and optimization of all of your IT products.
A top benefit from online/remote support, is the time it takes to have a technician working on your problem. Not only that, but it allows us to keep your system patched with the latest security updates.
•ALICOM supports clients from as small as 1 person, to the size of a full government agency operating nationwide
•24/7 Support
•15 minute average response time
•Online, email, and phone support portal with client access provided
•Clients all over have switched from dedicated onsite IT staff, to remote support for better resolution
•Government certified contractor
•Fully Vetted Employees – All ALICOM employees are fully vetted, government background checked, and have clearances

Using our service will help you cut costs, and assist your business in operating more efficiently. ALICOM offers full service remote support, and will be there in your time of need.


They say word of mouth is the best marketing. If we are doing an awesome job for you and your company, we would appreciate if you would share our services with friends, family, and especially business associates.
We offer an excellent referral program where, when your referrals sign up for our services, we will give your company a 10% discount on the total monthly cost of our services with you. This means, when a referral comes on board to use ALICOM services, you save money!

solutions2.1.1.1[1]•Information Technology Support
•Project Management and Support
•IT Security
•Network Monitoring
•Backup Solutions
•Antivirus Monitoring
•Vulnerability Assessments
•Disaster Recovery Planning and Services
•Paperless Solutions
•Process Documentation
•And more….


•CAT 5datavoice
•CAT 6
•Fiber Optics
•Security Cameras
•Completed office moves
•New office setups
•Data Center Setup & Support
•DMARC extensions
•Internet and Phone Services
•Warehouse build-outs
•Troubleshooting current setups
•Network upgrades and recommendations
•Free Quotes


Global Services and Support

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