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Your network and IT infrastructure is integral to the success of not only your day-to-day processes, but also contribute to the success of your business in many different ways. 

You need to protect your network from:

  • Network Devices Going Down
  • Cyber threats from hackers in the US and other Countries
  • Systems Services Being Down (databases, email/exchange, spam filters, network switches,….)

Devices we monitor:
* IP and SNMP-enabled devices required.

- Servers- Firewalls- Routers
- Managed Switches- Phone Systems- IP Camera's

Our systems can monitor the following on your server(s):

- Application Errors- Current Load of Resources- Non-responding Processes- Paging Files- Hard drive space
- Audit Failures- Error Events- Non-running automatic services- Physical Memory- Virtual Memory

We will be your eyes and ears so that you can sleep better at night knowing someone is on the case, even after the close of business. Threats to your network and infrastructure should be minimal; anything hindering or threatening to interrupt business needs to be mitigated as soon as possible. 

Choose ALICOM to monitor your network, so you no-longer need to worry about your systems.

device monitoring

  • Monitoring is done in real time
  • Monitoring is done 24 hours a day for 7 days a week
  • Proactive measures help minimize major concerns
  • Simplify diagnosis before and after an outage
  • Track response and up/down time


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Common Questions for Customers

Do you monitor networks on Linux/Windows/Mac/Cloud?

Yes, we monitor any of those types of networks.  Any device handles SNMP and IP.

Is this Software or is this a Service by Real People?

This is both, we use software to monitor your network and have people watching it 24/7.

Is your Monitoring Services only For Large Companies?

No, we provide networking services for small, medium, large and enterprise class businesses. _________________________________________________________________________________________________